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© Schwarze-Robitec GmbH

Joint Perforating Company banks on Schwarze-Robitec


Schwarze-Robitec has landed a new order: The Joint Perforating Company Ltd (JPC), a subsidiary of UK-based UKF Group, has ordered a CNC 80 E TB MR from the German-based manufacturer of tube and pipe cold bending machines.
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© SMS group

High yield strength and close tolerances


Bornay S.L. trusts in high-precision tube welding line from SMS group. SMS group is the single-source supplier of all technical equipment from strip preparation to the cut-off-saw.
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© Wieland-Werke AG

Investments in innovative surface technology


The Ulm-based Wieland Group is expanding its product portfolio: With an investment of further 6 million euros, the global supplier of semi-finished copper products will significantly expand its activities with innovative wicoatec thin film coating technology.
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© MAPAL Dr. Kress KG

MonoReam – optimised cooling for reaming


Multi-bladed reamers are the tool of choice when high cutting rates and short machining times are called for.
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© JAKOB Gruppe

Torque limiter for direct drives


Safety couplings of the series SKB-KP are being used since decades for mechanical protection of drive units.
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© Felss Group GmbH

The Felss Innovation Day


The automotive industry has been undergoing constant change for years. Besides new driving concepts, digitalization and networking this affects many more exciting topics. What do these changes bring with them?
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© 2018 Schwarze-Robitec GmbH

Gigantic tube and pipe bending machine on its way to the USA


The biggest fully electric multiple-radius tube bending machine featuring transport boost technology goes on a journey: Schwarze-Robitec showcases unique technology at Fabtech
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© Deutsche Edelstahlwerke

High-strength tool steel from DEW


Longer tool life and reduced cycle times in production: press hardening has numerous advantages for the automotive industry, specifically in body part manufacturing.
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© Oerlikon Balzers

Another stage in growth strategy


Oerlikon Balzers opens largest production centre in Slovakia for heat treatment of automotive components
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© Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG

Clutch catalog for heavy commercial vehicles


Schaeffler clutch systems in original-equipment quality help lower total cost of ownership, increase mobility and extend service intervals
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