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© Rheinmetall Automotive AG

One Group for leading mobility and security technologies


Rheinmetall is pushing ahead with its integration as a Technology Group. Under the name ONE Rheinmetall, management has mapped out a comprehensive strategy program.
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© transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH

Automation - The question of suitable handling


The trend towards flexibility in machining processes with a high degree of automation is still clearly enduring in many sectors. Nonetheless, with all the innovative strength and performance power of such systems, we still have the question: When and how does it make sense to automate? And, is the robot a means to an end or the deciding factor?
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© Institut für Integrierte Produktion Hannover (IPH) gGmbH

Workplace ergonomics


Researchers in Hannover are about to develop a camera system which observes assembly workers and warns them of unergonomic movements. Companies can use the system to maintain their employees’ productivity permanently.
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© Friedrich Münch

Reliable protective clothing with high-grade steel wire


Friedrich Münch GmbH is leading producer for personal protection clothing and equipment made of stainless steel wire. To ensure the cut and stab resistance of the ring mesh is reliable, the stainless steel wire must be consistently easy to work and perform to spec.
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© KHS GmbH

Efficient conception and on-site installation


By linking up 3D programs and offer software all designs for orders and select customer offers can be created and displayed in 3D.
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Maximum bending freedom for maximum quality


WAFIOS' new multiple-head tube bending machine makes it possible to process particularly long, thin, and unstable lines economically.
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Leoni turning 100


Story of development from Franconian wire workshop to a cable systems specialist operating globally
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Additive Manufacturing technique extends life of sensors


DMD (for "Direct Metal Deposition") enables reliable protection of sensor elements by means of a hard alloy. This makes it possible to significantly extend their lifetimes, for example in pipelines of the oil and gas industry.
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Modular drive technology based on a toolkit as a complete system


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© Teka Absaug- und Entsorgungstechnologie GmbH

Space saving fume suction provides accurate protection


Local point fume suction is the first choice when it comes to effectively protecting the health of employees in welding, cutting or similar work activities.
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