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In the pipeline - Pipeline projects in Germany

Nothing brings liquids and gases more efficiently from one place to another than pipelines. They are especially demanded as transporters of fossil fuels. Currently, in Germany there are several big pipeline projects under construction in order to supply gas to the country.
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Interview: The resource situation of metals

Interview with Dr. Roland Nolte - IZT - Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment, Berlin
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New Mining Boom in Eastern Germany – Stroke of Luck for the Cable and Tube Industry?

Recently opened resource technology institute “Helmholtz-Institut Freiberg für Ressourcentechnologie” now plans to research the entire value chain for metal ores, from prospecting and mining through to recycling.
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Shale gas – bridge technology with side effects

In search of cheap, reliable and climate-friendly energy more and more governments and energy companies worldwide focus on so-called unconventional gas.
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Speedy surfing: Expansion of Germany’s broadband networks

There are but few Internet highways in Germany. Up until now, the copper-based telephone networks in particular have been exploited to the limits of technological feasibility, while the expansion of fibre-optic networks has progressed only haltingly.
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The North Sea Connection

Submarine cables have a long-standing tradition. The first one was laid across the English Channel in the middle of the 19th century. However, success was modest. The cable broke after the first message had been transmitted. Today, some 160 years onward, submarine cables are nothing less than the data highways of our globalized world.
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Transition to renewable energy in Germany – catalyser for new technologies?

The nuclear disaster of Fukushima has led to a rethinking in Germany. As recently as last year the life span of the nuclear power plants was prolonged. Now a fast nuclear phaseout is within eyeshot. Big challenges await the network operators and the cable manufactures during the upcoming years.
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