Magnatech International


Magnatech will be introducing an entirely new line of orbital tube weld Heads for sterile/high purity tube-to-tube and tube-to-fitting autogenous welding applications. Four models with overlapping ranges cover tubes from 3mm to 102mm.

Magnatech designed the new "800" Series line to replace their existing "C" Series first generation models. Head water-cooling has been enhanced, allowing 100% duty cycles without cool downs for productivity.

As with any tool, this type of weld Head requires periodic cleaning and maintenance for optimal operation. The 800 Series was designed with simplified assembly and serviceability as a fundamental requirement. The 800 Series can be easily and completely disassembled/reassembled by anyone with several tools (provided). This has been a problem with all existing orbital Head designs, which often require a skilled technician for even the simplest service.

Conventionally, all Head manufacturers secure the tungsten electrode in a hole drilled in the "rotor", which rotates the tungsten around the fixed tube. If the threads for the set screw used for tungsten retention strip from repeated use (a common problem), the expensive rotor must be replaced or sent back to the factory for possible repair. The 800 Series uses an inexpensive bolt-on tungsten holder. If it becomes damaged, two screws allow it to be replaced in a minute.

The rotation drive was completely redesigned to tolerate metal debris.

A common problem with this type of Head (all of which by nessessity are required to use a thermoplastic body) is heat and ultraviolet (UV) damage. The 800 Series utilizes two inexpensive insert plates made of a heat/UV resistant material to protect the housing. If damaged, they can be replaced in minutes.

The entire top of the Head now hinges open to allow for a final inspection of tube alignment, etc, prior to welding.

The digital encoder motor forever eliminates the need for periodic weld Head calibration - rotation speed remains accurate regardless of Head wear, and Heads can be interchanged without time-consuming calibration.

A "Home" Position Switch automatically readies the Head for removal following weld completion, and never requires adjustment.

The Remote Control Switch panel allows the Head to be operated without a separate hand-held remote pendant. Molded from silicone rubber, the panel is impervious to moisture and dirt.

A single piece hose/cable bundle is provided in a standard 8m length, allowing Head use at a substantial distance from the power source (with extension cables available to increase this distance.)

The new design has allowed for a dramatic reduction in the price.

Used with the Tubemaster 514B power source, the 800 Series allows any new user to quickly be making perfect welds.

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