Cartacci S.r.l. Tube Machinery


Cartacci Ltd has recently installed new lines in some major markets like United States, Brazil and India, though without losing of view Italian market.
On the U.S. market it is now in testing phase the pipes straightening machine mod. RDT10V3UP with ten rolls and completely automatic setting, placed in molding tube line: it will process API tubes of different diameters range from 2 "to 7"; on this type of product Cartacci has acquired considerable experience during last years. The system for rapid and automatic setting (Machine Set System), based on a perfect synchronization between the mechanics and electronics, guarantees a high optimization of production changes, essential for mills with high productivity such as this line.
For Brazilian market, last November Cartacci has launched an important line for drawn tubes production, which is characterized by the wide range of processed tubes with diameters from 2" till 9". The equipment is composed by one drawing bench of 150 tons, one automatic straightening machine with 10 rolls mod. RDT10V3/4 directly connected with multiple cutting line. The whole line, ranks among the most advanced lines that are currently used in the production of drawn tubes in Brazil.
Cartacci is also present on Indian market with the installation of No. 3 drawing benches and No. 2 straightening machines (all Cartacci brand) that, disused by one Italian customer for the renew of all machinery, has found a new use on the plant of one important Indian tubes producer, by this way reflecting the reliability of Cartacci machinery, even more than 30 years after their initial installation.
Remaining on the Italian market, Cartacci has recently started a new complete line for drawn tubes with diameter’s range from 1.5" till 5": the line is composed by one straightening machine mod. RDT10V2 with ten rolls and completely automatic setting, one cutting line with multiple cut by five heads (for the maximum versatility of cuts setting) and by one packaging machine mod. IMPC130 with completely automatic setting: inserting the characteristics of wanted bundle's form, within few seconds the machine reaches the set-up needed, without requiring the operator to set the long manual operations. Once more, evidence of technical development and constantly improving of the quality, Cartacci is placed on a high technological quality level even in design of packaging machinery.
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