More than 450 t for Topside off the Canadian coast

A South Korean company in the oil and gas industry has provided BUTTING with a number of orders since the middle of the year 2013. The family owned company has produced and delivered more than 450 t of pipes in a wide variety of sizes and materials to equip an offshore platform.

The Jeanne d’ArcBasinlies in the Atlantic, 350 km off the coast ofSt. John’sinNewfoundlandandLabrador,Canada. In this area, an international oil company operates an offshore platform. At a depth of just under 100 m, heavy fuel oil is conveyed and processed on the platform. As part of the Hebron Topside project, the oil platform is being equipped with supply units and process pipes. The sub-Arctic climatic conditions impose severe demands on the selection and quality of the products used, since depending on the seasons means that there is the probability of floating icebergs and difficult meteorological and oceanographic conditions.

In several order packages, a large South Korean company ordered longitudinally welded pipes from BUTTING for this project. BUTTING is processing more than 450 t of very varied materials, such as TP316L, Superduplex and Alloy 625. In so doing, pipes of very different sizes are produced from plates and coils, from 168.3 mm to 762.0 mm. As well as standard sizes, pipes in special sizes are produced, such as pipes made from UNS S32760 in 273.1 x 25.40 mm or in 457 x 29.36 mm. The pipes are provided with defined finish processing and are subject to project-specific checking requirements. The pipes will be packaged and delivered by the end of 2013.

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