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Ambrell Sells Induction Heating System for Pipe Heating

EKOHEAT induction heating system

Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, has installed an EKOHEAT 250 kW/10 kHz induction heating system for an oil industry pipe manufacturer. Thanks to the solution, the client can now removes coatings from pipes ranging from under one foot to three feet in diameter.

The client came to Ambrell because they were using a lower power induction heating system that was unable to remove coatings as quickly as they needed. The Ambrell Applications Lab ran a Lab Service Request (LSR) and determined that a 250 kW/10 kHz system would heat the pipe to temperature (400 F) in the targeted time which would enable the client to increase production.

The client moved forward with purchasing an Ambrell 250 kW induction heating system along with three different coils for the various size pipes. They also decided to leverage Ambrell’s Start-Up Assistance service. Ambrell’s responsiveness and innovation were reasons the client chose Ambrell over the competition.

Ambrell’s products are CE certified and manufactured in an ISO9001:2008 certified facility in Scottsville, NY USA. For additional details about Ambrell, call +31(0)880 150 100 or visit

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