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Ambrell Offers Tube and Pipe Heating Solutions

pipe heating with induction

Ambrell, an Ameritherm company and a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, has expanded its line of induction heating solutions to cover high power, low frequency applications. This has resulted in a broad line of induction heating systems, which has enabled Ambrell to assist tube and pipe manufacturers with an even broader range of applications.

Ambrell’s solutions are ideal for a wide array of tube and pipe heating applications including tube and pipe coating curing, pre- and post-weld heating, hot pipe bending, drill pipe heat treatment, and brazing diamond and carbide inserts onto drill bits. Induction offers rapid heating, more control over the portion of the tube being heated, energy efficiency, and a clean, non-contact process that minimizes the introduction of heat into the local environment.

An example of an Ambrell installation involved a high power/low frequency system that was recently installed at a pipe bending company. The Ambrell system has enabled them to heat tubes and pipes to 1000 °C/1832 °F that ranged from 6”-25” (152-635 mm) in diameter. The end result was an efficient, versatile system that enabled the client to meet and exceed their project objectives.

Ambrell will be at Tube 2014 from April 7-11 in Düsseldorf, Germany where it will be exhibiting its tube and pipe heating solutions in hall 6, booth G47. Of course, Ambrell can be contacted immediately with any potential applications, and it even offers free lab testing to ensure it pairs the ideal system with the tube and pipe heating application.

For additional details about Ambrell and its expertise with tube and pipe applications, call +1.585.889.9000 or visit

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