HUS Ltd. Steel Manufacturing and Trade

Steel pipe mill of HUS Ltd in the city of Lom

Tube factory HUS

HUS Ltd (, the leading Bulgarian steel products manufacturer and distributor is going to launch a new steel tubes and pipes production facility in 2014. In 2012 the company has acquired an old factory based in North-Western Bulgaria. This year the company has completed work related to renovating and re-organizing the facility to be ready for the new production processes. The acquired plant spreads out on more than 200 000 m2, with 60 000m2 covered halls for industrial production, including administrative building, cranes and other assets. The location is very strategically chosen - in the city of Lom, one of the big Danube ports and transportation hubs. Ensuring advantage in regard to the logistic, the location could turn out the factory in a key point for the European steel supply chain along Danube River.
HUS Ltd was founded in 1990 and has a substantial experience in steel processing including in electro-welded tubes manufacturing. Establishing of this factory is a logical course of action evidencing the ambitious plans of the company.

The steel tubes mill will be with capacity of up to 12 000 mt per month outcome production, planned to be implemented on stages. The initial product range is from 10mm to 219mm for the round pipes and from 10x20 to 100x200mm for the rectangular tubes, with thicknesses of up to 8mm. The production lines and machines are brand new, corresponding to the latest technological standards and the welding equipment is provided by EFD induction. As of the end of 2013 most of the equipment is on place and the initial tests are ongoing. According to the company the official commissioning of the factory is planned for the late spring of 2014.

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