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transfluid offers new hybrid drive system for tube processing machines

A new hybrid drive system of transfluid provides more precision, energy efficiency and performance in advanced tube processing technologies.


Advantages of electrical and hydraulic systems in a newly developed solution combined


Compromises in many areas of everyday life might often be a good way. When developing new technologies they prevent often the best solution. In tube processing this applies especially to the selection of the drive system for bending and forming machines or manufacturing cells. Electric drives are energy efficient, highly accurate and largely independent of external influences. The hydraulic drives have a unique power density and robustness. No system can to cover both as standard. This gap covers transfluid with a new development. For the best solution, the engineers of the South Westphalian (German) transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH have developed a unique system that combines some advantages of both systems and exclude disadvantages. With these new hybrid drive options, the advanced tube processing technology is brought into best form.


Up to 20% increase in energy efficiency
The hybrid drives are effectively matched to the requirements of the corresponding machines. Hydraulic units of the new system are equipped with constant pumps and are driven by a powerful servo motor. Almost the entire control of the system takes place via the power or rotation speed of the motor. It is very energy efficient. Generally improves the energy efficiency by 15 to 20%, since the power is always given in accordance with the consumer.


Quieter, smaller, more precise
Its advantages shows the technology especially in areas where powerful drives are requiredas well as with several hydraulic cylinders of different sizes and at different speeds. This applies especially for bending processes and axial forming machines. The hybrid drives are not only smaller and much quieter in operation. Also the heating in the process is minimized. The hydraulic unit needs up to 20% less volume of oil and the required performance of the external cooler is correspondingly lower.


Unique for hydraulic drives is the new " lang="EN"> 

Responsible for high precision means is not least the specially designed control system.
It provides a synchronization of the desired speed of the consumer in relation to the required volume. To ensure that no excess volume is generated.With the combination of electronics and hydraulics, the new solution of transfluid , thus ensuring improved efficiency and ensures that requirements are met in the best possible terms of drive technology.


transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH
transfluid is worldwide a demanded partner for the production of tube bending machines and tube forming machines. Since 1988 transfluid is developing its technologies for tube processing more customer oriented and offers tailor-made solutions - for plant and machine construction, automotive and furniture industry, shipbuilding and railing constructions . As a world famous brandthe company from South Westphalia is on the spot with its service offices in Europe and Asia.

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