As a global player in the tube processing World, AXXAIR has enlarged its offer to innovative facing tools for thin wall tubes. This new so called DC range is complementary to the orbital cutting and welding machines.

They are innovative as they offer a unique quick fit system allowing customer to easily change from one head to another in order to cover a wider range of tubes with same power tools. The very powerful battery Drill can therefore be used as a normal Drill with a Chuck for drilling holes or just for screwing and can be plugged on our heads for facing tubes that need to be squared before automatic welding usually.

Squaring a tube is requested either to avoid chips to scratch electro polished tubes mainly in Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical industries either to get the end of the tube perpendicular when it has been cut with a band for example. Orbital welding machines do need precise preps in order to offer the guaranty the welds are sealed correctly: the orbital cutting machines and/or the facing tools are the best response.

The 2 inch head offers two additional new features: endless cutting tool adjustment from outside that offers optimal use of all the edge of the tool bits to get better productivity and a planetary reduction integrated in the head itself for maximizing torque from the battery drill and therefore always allowing correct speed adjustments.

Last but no least, we have launched a DC 221, allowing facing up to 8 inch tubes with concentric clamping coming from our cutting range. The main advantage is to avoid the use of clamping collets for each diameter that needs to be faced. The concentric clamping system through 6 clamping jaws offers a unique wide range from 2 to 8 inches.

The 2 and 8 inch machines can also use an angle tool holder for making small beveling when requested for welding.

Wherever and whenever you have to work on thin wall tubing, AXXAIR can give an optimized response through orbital cutting, facing and welding machines. Those machines are shown on our website through online videos to give you an exact idea on their advantages. If you need more details, demonstration and offers, don’t hesitate to contact us: we will transfer you to our subsidiaries or closest distributors for having local service and input.

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