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AICON BendingStudio - software platform for all data and processes around manufacturing of bended parts

AICON's software platform BendingStudio

BendingStudio connects all data and processes around production of bended parts: from production process planning to manufacturing to quality control. It is the only tool to meet and combine these requirements with emphasis on metrological processes.Especially in combination with the AICON TubeInspect systems, BendingStudio offers efficient and customer-oriented solutions for all applications around manufacturing of bended parts. The software platform combines all data belonging to a certain part and allows manufacturers to monitor, quantify, visualize and document all changes in the different process steps. BendingStudio optimizes the data handling for every production step and offers the right solution for every user.

At the same time BendingStudio has a simple and clearly structured handling concept. Many small tools ease the daily work in all areas of bended part manufacturing. For example, it is possible to construct bend data from center line data. Or, before applying corrections, the effects of a modified bending program can be simulated.

The data concept of BendingStudio is already prepared for future applications. Be it if the connection to different measurement systems, the integration of new manufacturing technologies or the addition of new applications around bending like end forming or assembly management - the AICON BendingStudio offers a platform for the optimized integration of all data and processes for bended parts.

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