Delivery of Ichthys and Julimar

In January BUTTING was able to successfully complete the delivery of two major projects for gas fields off the northwest coast of Australia: BUTTING is playing a vital role in the Ichthys project by supplying around 75 km of BuBi®-pipes. In addition, 35 km of mechanically clad pipes were produced for the Julimar project, to the customer’s satisfaction.

The Ichthys gas field represents the largest discovery of liquid hydrocarbons in Australia for forty years. Ichthys is a project of superlatives: The largest semi-submersible platform in the world is being constructed for this project. In so doing, pipelines will connect the bore-hole with this platform. At the beginning of 2012, the customer ordered 20,000 t of pipes in size 18" made from TP 317L/UNS S31703 for the inner pipe, and SAWL 450 for the carbon steel outer pipe.

In April 2012 a second order followed: The range of products supplied for this order weighs a total of 1,300 t and includes 8.5 km of metallurgically clad pipes in size 323.9 x (14.3 + 3.0) mm, produced from the material SAWL 450/TP 316L. In addition, the order includes duplex pipes (UNS S31803) in a range of sizes. Thus the outer diameters vary from 8” to 18”, in wall thicknesses from 12.7 to 42.3 mm. To complete the job, elbows are being supplied in corresponding sizes.

With the Julimar project, crude gas will be supplied from two gas fields to the Wheatstone platform. The operator of this project commissioned BUTTING to supply BuBi® pipes. The scope of the order was 35 km of pipes, in size 18”/ID 404.4 x (23.3 + 3) mm. The material used was SAWL 450/TP 316L (UNS S31603), and the welded cladding of 80 mm was applied in two layers. Before being laid at their destination, the pipes will be provided with a polypropylene coating.

Brigitte Blechinger, Oil and Gas Sales at BUTTING: “We recognised the signs of the times early and have continuously expanded the clad production area in recent years. As a result, today we are able to handle such large projects in the time required. We are proud of being able to support these major projects with our clad pipes and will continue to embrace the challenges in the future".

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