All in one

All-in-one tube technology

Laser cutting and tube bending are technologies that contribute to the processing of a tube to a finished product.
The management of both technologies solve upstream problems arising from each of them, independently of the use and / or by the integration of both technologies.

Lasertube for bent tubes

ADIGE Lasertube can import 3D models of bent tubes with laser cutting stages.

The Artube programming system:

virtually straightens out the bent tubeautomatically generates the cutting program for the Lasertube machine


No waste of time for testing and fine-tuning programs.Automatic 3D model programmingIndependent from the operator's skillsParts right from the startNo waste

BLM tube bending machines accurately bend tubes previously processed by the laser machine.

An effective system for identifying the operations previously performed on the tube is used. Pre-processed parts are correctly oriented and the system detects the presence of holes, slots and beads (or other jobs) on the tubes simply and reliably.



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