Cartacci S.r.l. Tube Machinery

New project for straightening line for pipes up to maximum diameter of 340mm

Straightening machine mod. RDT10V4

Recently Cartacci has been commissioned by Borusan Mannesmann Group for the technological development of 2 new straightening lines project destined for American market. Cartacci has a wide knowledge in the construction of straightening machines designed to meet all API standards, from 5D (for drill pipes) till 5CT (for tubing and casing) and 5L (for line pipes). In particular, in heat-treating line pipe, the project includes a new model of straightening machine mod.RDT10V5UP HOT able to straighten API pipes, maximum grade Q125, maximum diameter of 340mm, with upset ends and, for the cold-forming pipes line, another important straightening machine for tubes API standards, maximum grade N80, up to a maximum diameter of 273 mm, in forming mill line (therefore with high productivity) and with the option of the work cycles adapted to avoid any kind of mark at the ends of the tubes.

The equipment is designed with a particularly short wheelbase and with large rolls surface.This new general geometry provides important advantages in terms of quality of straightening, particularly on the pipe ends.

The combined action of bending + crushing, exercised separately, allows the straightener to achieve results ever higher in terms of straightness (0.2 mm / m) and ovality (± 0.05 mm). Each machine is completely computer-based both in setup research and in the respective positioning: thanks to electronic accuracy and mechanical construction the machines are able to meet these levels of tolerance.

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