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Staying strong under pressure

Clamp Construction Series

Pipe clamps ensure secure fastening of high-pressure pipes with outside diameters larger than 1,000 mm

The rising demands on all components and systems used within industrial water cycles are the result of the trend towards increasingly high operating pressure levels of up to 500 bar and reduced water quantities used during descaling processes of steel components, e.g. in continuous milling and casting procedures, oil removal from hot-rolled sheeting and removing pickling residue in the mill train.

Stauff clamps from the Construction Series enable a secure and controlled fastening of pipes with outside diameters between 220 mm and 1,000 mm. Depending on their size, either 4 or 5 plastic pipe saddles made of polyamide provide the required protection to the pipeline and effectively dampen vibrations and noises, such as those created by pressure fluctuations and peaks within the system.

The assembly principle of clamps from the Construction Series is predictably simple as they can be installed on site without any special tools. The pipe rests on the lower clamp half, a primed or hot-dip galvanised one-piece steel construction which can be welded or bolted to the substructure, or embedded in cement, as desired. The upper clamp part lies on top and is connected to the lower half by two M30 threaded rods.

This provides a maintenance-free pipe clamping system, while still remaining detachable at all times (e.g. for inspection, repair or exchange of the actual pipe, or the installation of additional components to the system), which guarantees a high level of operational safety for the entire water system, in spite of the increasing demands.

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