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OAK Triumph Straight Tube Cutoff machine

OAK Triumph Straight Tube Cutoff Machine

Every manufacturer faces challenges when making decisions, especially purchasing decisions. Some require the least expensive machine, and all hope for the machine that will produce the best quality. Delivery is almost always important, and factory floor space is becoming more valuable with every passing year.

What if the total cost of ownership, as measured by the overall machine operation plus purchase price, showed that it’s possible to have the best use of hard earned dollars over time, the most efficient use of valuable company real estate, and the best quality product available? The OAK Triumph Straight Tube Cutoff machine delivers in all of these areas. It is based on the design of the revolutionary Triumph Hairpin Bender released in 2012.

The new OAK Triumph straight tube cutoff is in the final stages of design and programming and will be released during the second quarter of 2014. It provides a more productive and effective solution than any other tube cutoff machine available today. The stretch straighten feature eliminates rollers and straightens in all planes. It not only increases productivity with the faster cycle time, but also by processing eight tubes per cycle. Length changes on the same diameter tooling are made in seconds, and a new innovative cutter head design delivers superior cut quality. The overall footprint is slightly smaller than the previous OAK single tube cutoff machine, thereby saving valuable factory real estate.

What is the cost of a new machine? Is it only the purchase price? Does it also include maintenance costs, operating expense, changeover time, and quality issues? The true analysis of cost and productivity can be measured in the number of acceptable tubes cut during a shift given the amount of factory floor space utilized, and the cost per tube which is effectively cut over time. The new Oak Triumph Straight Tube Cutoff machine will deliver on these promises, and will help simplify buying decisions.

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