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Three in one launcher BV22

No compromises with the inside cleaning oh hoses, tubes and pipes!

TUBE CLEAN GmbH - Cleaning equipment to clean the internal wall of Hose, Tubes and Pipes (HTP) for use in a variety of Industries including chemical, petrochemical, construction, agriculture, transportation, aviation, food & Beverage. Reliable Technolgy with a system. Hand-Tools, Semiautomatic or Automatic Plants and Equipments.

New BISON 4000 TECHNOLOGY for internal cleaning of hose and tubes. Modular tube cleaning system for the automated cleaning of pipes and tubes with inner diameters of 1,8 - 34mm. Bigger solution are available after request.

Cleaning capacity up to 2'500 pipes or hoses per hour with up to 15m/s cleaning speed. The system con be expanded to individual requirements with components. Customised solutions available. Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

TUBE CLEAN GmbH Switzerland presents a new Electronic BISON 4000 TECHNOLOGY at the Tube 2014 International Exhibition in Düsseldorf showing all its possible areas of application.

TUBE CLEAN GmbH, has developed several manufacturers for processing virgin foam based on special developed formulas. It offers five types of projectiles, varying in density, porosity and surface structure.


At the first time you will see a gun that works with Vacuum Mode, Blower Mode and Projectile cleaning Mode.Whereever high powered industrial vacuum cleaning, air pressure cleaning or projectile cleaning is required. The BV22 Gun connects directly to your air line and can be used for a wide range of industrial cleaning jobs. ZThis unique compressor powered, venture operated cleaning gun handles industries important clean up jobs more economically, more efficiently.

TUBE CLEAN GmbH, a swiss based manufacturer and distributor of high quality and customeroriented equipment for hose-, tube and pipe cleaning, is known worldwide for offering problem specific solutions th their customers.

This attitude has helped TUBE CLEAN GmbH to become a world-leader for complete and fully integrated solutions.

Customers and Global players worldwide from all areas of industry have chosen TUBE CLEAN equipment to resolve their problems.

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