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Bewo on the Tube & Wire 2014

A Bewo cutting line with a SCF-90 Sigma, a deburring machine and a stacking robot

Intelligent solutions for tube cutting
For more than 75 years, Bewo Cuttings Systems B.V. has been concentrating on perfecting the tube cutting. What originally started with the production of simple manually-operated cutting machines has grown into a company that has a unique knowledge base and development centre for automatic cutting lines. Today, Bewo stands out more than ever thanks to its innovative, customer-oriented approach to the market. We invent, develop and implement intelligent solutions for each individual customer, resulting in the lowest costs per cut product. Our intelligent solutions create the perfect blend between man and machine.

Innovative technology
The innovative technology behind Bewo machinery makes the cutting more accurate, more reliable, safer, cleaner and more efficient. For instance, all Bewo machines cut upwards. The major benefits of cutting upwards are: less noise, increased safety due to the enclosed blade and easy access to the clamping jaws. Cutting upwards also realises a reduction in chip contamination that lead to fewer scratches on the material.
Another innovative feature is that all Bewo cutting machines are equipped with hydraulic proportional saw feed, resulting in improved saw blade life and faster cutting. In addition, innovative technology is behind how the saw blade is positioned in relation to the tubes. The position of the saw blade allows square and rectangular tubes to be cut diagonally. When cutting diagonally, the saw blade does not start cutting in the centre of the material. On the Bewo Sigma and Single machines, the saw blade is positioned in segments, which minimises length tolerances due to uneven saw blade wear. A further innovation means that all Bewo machines have three or four discharge possibilities for different products lengths.

Bewo’s automatic cutting systems
SCF-90 Sigma
Unequalled in the efficient mass production of tubes and profiles. The quickest and most productive cutting line in the world thanks to the perfect combination of the Bewo clamping jaw system (multiple cutting) and the servo-controlled gripper feed (quick and accurate). The Sigma can process round, square and rectangular tubes without the need for a mechanical length stop.

SCF-90 Single
Universal and easy to operate. Thanks to its high level of flexibility, circular reference and short changeover times, the Single is perfectly suited for high speed production of smaller batches of different types of tubes.

DCH-76 Sapphire
An extremely fast line for smaller and medium-sized diameters. This unique machine concept allows the simultaneous cutting of two tubes of 76 mm with unequal starting lengths in an uninterrupted cutting process, even at greater wall thicknesses.

ECH-115 Solid
The flexible all-rounder for heavy duty production work. Excels at the larger and heavier jobs in terms of diameters and wall thicknesses. The Solid cuts tubes up to a maximum diameter of 115 mm.

The Bewo CPO manually operated circular sawing machine
The Bewo CPO manually operated circular sawing machine has become world renowned for its premium quality and user-friendly operation. Over the years, thousands of machines have been despatched to various customers. Bewo’s CPO manually operated circular sawing machines can be fitted with either a manually operated or pneumatic clamp. The machine has two speeds, a dual operation material clamp and angle adjustment.

Finishing modules
You can expand your automatic cutting systems with external modules and systems specially developed by Bewo, examples of which include systems for specific finishing such as deburring, cleaning or length control of the tubes. Next, it is possible for the tubes to be stacked automatically in a crate, on a pallet or in a hexagonal stack using our robot coupled to the system.

Customer oriented design
Bewo automatic cutting systems provide solutions for unmanned production. Customer-specific requirements can be integrated into our standard solution which in turn can be expanded with numerous options like variations in type of material, length of finished product, starting length of tubes and non scratch package.

Bewo on the Tube & Wire 2014
We will be present on the Tube & Wire 2014 from 7 up to and including 11 april. Come pay us a visit in hall 6, stand 42. This is where we will display to you: a complete operative Bewo cutting line; the Sigma, our deburring machine, a digital length control system and our stacking robot with a new touchscreen control panel. We invite you to come and see its latest innovative features.

Can’t wait? Please contact Bewo for our new brochure or for a personal advice from our cutting technology specialists.

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