MANASSERO & C. s.r.l.

Manassero Machines

Manassero dealer used cold forming machines. Sacma Limbiate, Nedschroef Herentals, E.W.Menn, Ingramatic, Carlo Salvi, Streicher Varimac. Manassero has 70 years experience in cold forming and customers worldwide. Large inventory of used fastener machines. MANASSERO & C. srl Via della Consolata 1 bis 10122 Torino Skype: manassero-machines
We deal on used cold forming equipment for the fastener industry. Our visit card: thousands of machines sold in Europe, USA, Japan, South America, India, South Africa, Korea, etc. Constantly in touch with all the manufacturing companies, in order to offer you a wider choice. We buy your surplus equipment or act as a broker.
We invite you to inspect the machines in our warehouses, just 45 minutes from Torino Airport. A professional organization ensures an efficient sale and aftersale service. We speak english, italian, french, german and spanish.
We are active buyers for cash, single machines, a complete department or entire plants.
To avoid any down time for our customers we can deliver in some cases a replacement machine while their machine is being rebuilt. We are working closely with the best rebuilders.
Secondhand cold forming equipment always in stock in our warehouses are Sacma SP160, Sacma SP260, Sacma SP350, Sacma SP450, Carlo Salvi 246 and 560, Carlo Salvi CS002 and 780, Carlo Salvi 667, Nedschroef BV6, Nedschroef NH520, Nedschroef MW48, E.W.Menn GW63 and GW23, E.W.Menn GW32-0 and GW83, E.W.Menn GW120 and GW141, E.W.Menn AF10 and AF12, Streicher Varimac 20, Streicher Varimac 30, Streicher Threadstar 20, Wafios N90, Wafios N5, Wafios N4, Wafios N41, Taihei THP12, Taihei THP22, Taihei THP21L, Ingramatic RP1 and RP2, Ingramatic RP3 and RP4, Ingramatic RP5 and RP72, Hatebur AKP3-5 and AKP4-5, Hatebur AKP5-5, Hatebur AMP20 and AMP30, Hatebur AMP50 and AMP70, TLM RP12, TLM RP20, TLM RP6, TLM RP8, TLM RP10, Enkotec nail headers, Moroni MB764, Moroni MB765, Nakashimada NP80 and NP120, Nakashimada H20G-SPL and NS40, Nakashimada NS80 and NP60, Asahi Okuma Sunac RH80, Asahi Okuma AQ 875, Asahi Okuma Sunac AOT 12, Jern Yao BF14B5S, Jern Yao JNFP 19B5S and 24B5S, Jern Yao JLS and JNFP 32B5S and 41B5S, Jern Yao JNF and JBP 45B5S and 48B5S, Malmedie QPB131, Kieserling K54, Ceva NF55, ORT thread rollers RP18, ORT RP30, Sakamura BPF480, Sakamura BPF580, Sakamura BPF660, Saspi GV4, Saspi GV6, Hartford 30-180, Hartford 40-140, Hilgeland CH1SH, Hilgeland TR4, Hilgeland TR5, Hilgeland TR6, National Machinery 750, National Machinery 1250, National Machinery Formax, Shimazu Super 8. Types of machines we deal with are: Boltmakers, Bolt trimmers, Cold nut formers, Cold headers, Forging presses, Hot formers, Nail machines, Nut tappers, Part formers, Pinch pointers, Progressive headers, Shank slotters, Thread rollers, Transfer headers, Tubular rivet headers, Wire drawers.

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