Transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH

From pipe bundles to luxury beds

Automation system for production in "one piece flow-process"

transfluid system used to make from square pipes mattress supports with a lifetime guarantee

As they say, he who makes his bed can lie in it. The fact that not only comfy blankets and a well-stuffed mattress, but also pipes can play a significant role is something that probably only a very few people consider. High-quality beds use them for a stable frame with a lifetime guarantee to provide decades of comfortably safe sleep. A pipe processing system specially made by transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH for this purpose more or less make the main components by itself. The only thing that has to be preprogrammed is the number of beds needed, and their width. Then the components for each bed can be fabricated in a "one piece flow process". The system uses square pipe to fabricate all the components needed for the mattress support, completely automatically.

Whisper-quiet fabrication with burr-free pipe cutting and double-headed bender

The system can be loaded with two bundles of pipes. These are automatically sorted and a special shear system cuts them with knives, practically silently and entirely without burrs. Then the pipe parts are fed into a double-headed bending machine and two bends are made in the same time.

In addition to fully automatic operation and due to the low level of noise produced and the clean cutting, the system also has a special advantage, as transfluid managing director Gerd Nöker emphasizes. "The machine can be installed directly next to the further processing. When the downstream welding robot retrieves the desired geometry, the corresponding component is available in just a few seconds for welding." So a luxury bed can provide not only recuperating sleep for its later owner, but also efficient, relaxed production even during its manufacture.

transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH

transfluid is sought after worldwide as a partner for manufacturing tube bending machines and tube processing machines. Since 1988 transfluid has been further developing its technologies for tube machining, so that it can provide customer-oriented, tailor-made solutions – for plant and machine construction, the automotive and energy industries, shipbuilding and medical device manufacturing. As a world-renowned brand, the company from Germany is present in Europe and with its subsidiaries in Asia.

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