Transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH

Two dynamic concepts for collision-free pipe bending

The 't bend' DB 642-CNC-RL with rotating head is the dynamic solution for pipe diameters from 30 mm up to 90 mm.

For challenging installation space requirements transfluid has developed special right/left bending technology
When it comes to pipe bending, precision is everything. In order to ensure good results, the use of the right bending technology is becoming increasingly important. This is particularly true for challenging requirements such as installation space and system positioning, as they can restrict the ideal conditions needed when forming pipes. In many cases, neither a right nor a left bending machine can produce the required geometry of the pipe bends without colliding with the machine frame. Therefore, a solution with the maximum number of bending options is required. For this purpose, transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH has created effective technologies in their 't bend' machine category, offering two effective right/left bending concepts for different pipe diameters. In the development of these bending machines, the focus was on the optimum utilization of the systems.

Bending cycle time of 2.5 seconds for small pipe diameters
“For pipes with a diameter of less than 30 mm, we offer a 't bend' machine with two individually adjustable heads”, says Stefanie Flaeper, Managing Director at transfluid. The adjustable heads allow both right and left hand bending operations – the right bending head is still-standing and the left bending head is suspended. “This design principle is very effective for small pipe diameters because the operation time is extremely short. Changing from one bending direction to another can be completed in 2.5 seconds”, says Flaeper. Furthermore, it is possible to equip each bending head with up to three tool levels.

Bending pipes from 30 mm up to 90 mm in diameter with rotating head
In the second bending concept, transfluid has optimized the machine's effectiveness onto one rotating head. This system is also extremely dynamic for larger pipe diameters from 30 mm up to 90 mm. Larger pipe dimensions can be bent right or left more efficiently. The concept is the same for pipe diameters of less than 30 mm – all shafts are servo-electrically driven and there are two tool levels on each bending head as standard.

Practical options for greater efficiency
To free-form large radii, both machine versions can be equipped with a corresponding system. In modern bending technology, the use of loading magazines, automatic handling systems and robot-assisted production methods are becoming an integral part. Using the greater dynamism and flexibility of transfluid technology, bending processes can be implemented smoothly and effectively in the future, despite difficult installation space requirements.

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