Transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH

Newly developed transfluid solution for combined pipe forming

CNC control of the new transfluid machine enables tool-independent forming of contours.

Axial/rotary CNC controlled pipe forming machine offers tool-independent forming of contours
The technical challenges of modern pipe processing are constantly increasing, driven by ever more demanding applications of high grade piping. Just one manufacturing process often does not suffice to perfectly and effectively form pipe ends to suit the requirements. This was made possible only by effective interaction between combined axial and rotary pipe forming techniques. The transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH engineers have developed a new range of their tried and tested combination machines to achieve this. In the course of this, they have set new benchmarks for technology and machine design.

Effectively forming pipes even with bends in excess of 90 degrees
Managing Director Stefanie Flaeper explains more about the improvements and novelties incorporated in transfluid’s ‘new one’: “There are actually five fundamental changes. For a start, our combination machine is now externally more compact. All the drives are electrical and CNC control enables synchronous axial and radial movements. And we have once again made significant improvements to rotary forming techniques. For the first time, these techniques now enable forming of contours virtually independent of the tool. Our machines are furthermore also now CNC controlled and it is possible to very effectively form pipes with bends in excess of 90°.”

Increased options and chipless cutting methods
These new features of the combination machines now open up additional pipe forming options. The swaging unit can accommodate, for instance, an intermediate chuck, despite the electrical drive. A wide variety of tools may be used for various rotary forming tasks and the machines can also cut chipless – from the inside out and vice versa. Newly introduced CNC technology – as with the transfluid stand-alone rotary forming machines – for the first time also allows contour forming irrespective the tool. With their new combination machine, our South-Westphalian machine builders are now in a position to offer their customers the perfect solution for their pipes and the challenges of a dynamic market.

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