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Tailor Drawn Tubes

Against the background of increasing requirements for lower weights in the automotive industry, the Tailor drawn tube technique becomes more and more important when producing tubes.

The methods for the production of these special tubes known up to now, can only be applied experimentally and are therefore very labour-intensive.

The increased demands for narrow tolerances can with difficulties only be fulfilled by the current technical possibilities. Furthermore it is not possible to achieve a "steady" process reliability when basing on the today's technology.

Due to the numerous influencing parameters in the Tailor drawn tube drawing technology, the tube drawing process applied today will very soon reach its technical limits.

An intensive development work and positive practical experience enable BÜLTMANN to assist their customers in combining theory and practice. The Tailor drawn tube Production System make BÜLTMANN in conjunction with the well-tried BÜLTMANN draw bench technology can now be implemented in the tube production industry.

When developing the Tailor drawn tube drawing technology BÜLTMANN attached greatest importance to the possibility to use the technological components which have already been used for other applications.

In order to achieve very narrow tolerances, especially in the transition zone of wall thickness, and to ensure the necessary process reliability at the same time, a closed control circuit is indispensable. This process control is assured by combining sensible and very dynamically reacting drive systems and especially designed measuring devices and process software.

When harmonizing both components a precise, reliable and user-friendly control of the Tailor drawn tube process is possible.

In addition to the necessary drawing equipment, BÜLTMANN is also offering a complete process consulting service for the Tailor drawn tube applications.

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