Weber & Scher Mfg. Co. Inc.

Celebrating 100 Year Anniversary

At Wire 2016 Weber & Scher Mfg. Co., Inc., will be celebrating their 100 year anniversary. The company was established in 1915 by Mr. George Scher and has spanned over three generations to become one of the leading equipment suppliers to the wire and cable industry worldwide. The Weber & Scher production program includes metal shielding/armouring tape handling and splicing equipment as well as longitudinal forming equipment for smooth and corrugated metal tape, the technology of which was developed by Mr. George Scher in the early 1940’s. In addition, evolving over the years, Weber & Scher has become a leading supplier of core wrap tape handling and applicating equipment; concentric and eccentric binding and taping machines, Kevlar serving equipment; cable core pressure filling and flooding equipment for optical fiber cables and copper telephone cables; metal tape overlap seam bonding systems; multi-position tension controlled supply equipment, high speed rewind/repair equipment, belt wrap type capstans, linear belt type caterpillar capstans, vertical and horizontal cable accumulators, and cable pay-offs/take-ups. Within the last 20 years, Weber & Scher has become the leading supplier of welded metal tape sheathing systems. Our unique INDUCTOWELD and GATWELD technology and systems are being utilized for the continuous seam welded metal tape sheathing of power cables as well as coaxial cables, RF cables, and optical fiber cables. Corrugating systems are available for imparting either a helical or annular corrugation in the welded metal sheath.

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