Tru-Cut Saw will display their newest nanocomposite coated saw blades offering up to 50% increase in service life over AlTiN.

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Tru-Cut Saw will display their newest nanocomposite coated saw blades offering up to 50% increase in service life over AlTiN.

Ideal for flying cutoff saws…

BRUNSWICK, OH –Tru-Cut Saw, has developed a new nanocomposite PVD coating that dramatically increases blade life in circular ferrous and non-ferrous sawing applications.

The new coating, called ViTA-Nano, was developed by Tru-Cut’s ICO Surface Coatings Division. The coating is a proprietary combination of titanium, aluminum, aluminum-titanium, chrome and silicon. Unlike multi-layer coatings in which each material is deposited consecutively, with ViTA-Nano, all cathodes in the PVD chamber are turned on at once – resulting in a more cohesive, harder coating. Saw blades coated with this material will run a minimum of 30 - 50% faster with less scrap and increased production rates compared to AlTiN coatings.

Richard Otter, VP Sales for Tru-Cut Saw & ICO Surface Coatings said, “ViTA-Nano blades are ideal for flying saw machines, re-cut machines and high production sawing machines. Users will see immediate cost benefits in longer blade life when sawing with the ViTA-Nano coating.”

Oil country tube sawing comparison

At one of Tru-Cut’s customer plants, a cutting test compared an AlTiN saw blade with the ViTA-Nano coated blade:

Material: 24” x 24” x 0.286” thick, X-70 Oil Country Tubular Goods Steel
Yield Strength: 70 ksi
Tensile Strength: 82 ksi
Test Results:

AlTiN: 180 cuts (3,879 sq. in.) before tooth failure

ViTA-Nano (3-blades tested)
232 cuts (4,999) 30% increase
246 cuts (5301 sq. in.) 37% increase
264 cuts (5,689 sq. in.) 47% increase

ViTA-Nano blades are much better than AlTiN for sawing hardened steels, cast iron, aluminum and super alloys. The blades withstand 33% greater temperatures and last longer because blade edges are protected from steel build-up (which reduces tool life) for a longer period of time. Tru-Cut recommends dry cutting with VITA-Nano blades to further reduce coolant costs.

ViTA-Nano characteristics compared with AlTiN

ViTA-Nano AlTiN
Hardness (HV) 4500 3600
Friction Coefficient 0.45 0.5
Thickness 1-4 um 1-4 um
Max working temp 1200°C (2200°F) 900°C (1650°F)

Tru-Cut Saw manufactures saw blades for all types of cutting applications from simple hand cutoff machines to high production flying cutoff machines. Blades are designed for all sawing applications in ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Sizes range from 200mm to over 3-meters. Tru-Cut is the only U.S. saw manufacturer with its own in-house PVD coating chambers.
The company also sells the Tru-Cut 16” (400mm) Dry Cut Metal Saw designed for cutting tubular, solid, angled and other shapes.
Tru-Cut Saw’s ICO Surface Coatings Division offers PVD coating and re-coating services for all types of new and used saw blades, tools and wear parts. Equipped with two state-of-the-art coating chambers and carrousels, Tru-Cut & ICO offers both standard and special surface treatments. Standard coatings are: CrN, TiN, TiCN, AlTiN-ML, AlTiCrN and TiAlCN Phoenix.™ Special and tool-specific coatings can be individually tailored to specific customer requirements. Coating chambers can handle part sizes up to 1250 mm OD x 700mm.

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