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New Premises for Hampton Steel

New Premises Hampton

It is nearly five years since Hampton made the bold decision to invest over one million pounds in its Hampton NET™ fixed knot, fencing machine, the first of its kind in Europe. Never ones to rest on their laurels, Hampton Steel have now invested £millions in the consolidation of their previously three premises in Wellingborough, UK to one larger site. Always looking to see how to better develop their processes, this amalgamation of all activities under one roof will help facilitate Hampton’s progressive research and development plans but also provide the company with valuable room for further expansion. Retaining the great distribution benefits of their central UK ocation, the new larger plant and offices continues the considerable investment by the company in its infrastructure and products.

‘Continuity of product quality and reliability of supply is what gives Hampton the ability to develop, expand and maintain its highest levels of brand and customer service. The amalgamation of three premises into one jumbo plant was the natural next stage for Hampton. We strive to always produce the best quality products delivered at the time and place to suit our customers. Our recent move has been a huge undertaking but our team of in-house professionals has ensured an incredibly seamless transition. Production downtime has been kept to an absolute minimum and orders have been fulfilled with minimal disruption.’ Said Mark Johnson, Managing Director.

‘Sales have gone from strength to strength in terms of value, volume and the range of products being ordered. Many more distributors, contractors, users and fencing experts are asking for the superior quality Hampton NET™ for applications where, previously, perhaps a more traditional hinge joint or chain link fencing option was used. Converts to Hampton NET™ really appreciate the increased versatility and strength this fencing solution can provide. It’s exciting times!” Said Peter Matten, Sales Director.

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