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Brand new design Rigid Strander from Pioneer

A brand new design Rigid Strander from Pioneer has been announced and produced with great success.

In this new Rigid Strander series we are offering bobbin range from 560mm, 630mm, up to 800mm. There are many inventions and innovations on this new design including:

1. The new structure has been fully tested and verified in 3D computer simulation running at speed 380 RPM with all bobbins fully loaded. (6B and 12B cage, 630 mm).

2. This is the first standard stranding machine in the world equipped with Servo Motor on each pay-off to provide absolute constant tension throughout the whole production process. This is essential for critical application or when running at ultra high speed.

3. With advanced multi-axis servomotor techniques, we successfully shorten the bobbin loading/unloading time by 1/2 compare to traditional front-auto-loading carrier mechanism.

4. Electric gear system has been brought to Dual Wheel Capstan device, with two motors soft geared each other, we reduced complexity of gearbox / helical wheel gear design and make everybody's life easier.

Please reference to attached photos we took recently, it's a 630/800mm 37B Rigid Stranding Line built for our Australian customer this year.

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