Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Corporation

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic ~ The Global Leader in Induction Heating for Tubular Products

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic is at the forefront in developing induction heating technology for tubular products. Since 1916, Ajax TOCCO has taught the world how to use induction heating. From simple applications, to pioneering the use of induction quench and temper lines for heat treating API grades of pipe, Ajax TOCCO supplies leading-edge technology solutions for the tubular products industries.

Ajax TOCCO’s unique approach to applying induction heating has solved a wide variety of difficult problems. Pipe and tube producers have benefited from Ajax TOCCO’s unequalled experience in supplying everything from billet heaters for seamless tube extrusion to developing weld annealing, coupler heat treating, and normalizing tool joints, to precise pipe coating.

The recent addition of EMMEDI into the Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic group offers a brand that has been focused on tube welding as well as heat treating for over fifty years.

PMC Colinet and PINES, also in the Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic group, provide pipe threading machines The newly combined efforts of the Ajax TOCCO technical leadership team can now help pipe and tube producers improve quality, increase production and lower costs to meet tough market demands in even more processing areas. The Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic family is ready to put this experience to work for you! Combining our technical leaders in pipe and tube heating, welding, threading and bending confirms the commitment of the Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic family to the worldwide pipe and tube industry.

Along with providing the pipe and tube industry with reliable equipment, our customers benefit from the resources of the Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic global organization. We provide worldwide assistance through our network of regional sales and service engineers. Our experienced service team is strategically placed for quick response to customers wherever they are located!

Isn’t it time you called upon the team of people who know induction heating, welding, threading and bending the best? The people committed to providing best in class equipment and services to the pipe and tube industry . . . Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corporation.

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