SPAJIC d.o.o.

Spajic production of steel fiber lines

complete line for steel fibers production

As a unique producer of machines for steel fibers production in Europe, we can proudly say, that our machines are currently working using one of the best producing technologies in the world. High results of our machines and many satisfied clients placed company Spajic d.o.o. in the world market among the leading in its branch.

The operational process of our machines is the most lucrative, with lowest production costs and producing capacity of even more than 4000 kilograms of steel fibers per hour. The costs of production on our machines are very small, almost insignificant comparing to other machines that belong to other producing companies.

Machines produced in Spajic Company are characterized and also different from others in the following segments:

High productivity and the speed of the machine
Depending on the type, the speed of even 8,5 m/s can be reached. Depending on the machine type, the number of wires that are entering into machine is different, and goes from 15 – 60 wires, at once. Measured on 1mm wire, the quantity goes even more than 4000kg/hour. During one working day, the machine can work from 22-23 hours, the maximum operating time depends on the size of spools.

Low electricity consumption
Only 11 KW for the machine for steel fibers production with dust suction system is needed. If the machine works with smaller capacity than it spends less electricity, calculated per one tone 3 – 5KW.

Takes little space for installation and operation
Only 12 m x 8 m is needed for the installation of one machine, so that the forklift which fills the system for unwinding wire with raw material can go around her freely. Only one operator is needed to work with the machine
Only one worker (operator) fills the platform for unwinding wire with raw material, produces fibers, controls the product , measures and packs fibers on palette.

Minimum time is necessary for the manipulative work during the process of production
It is only necessary to place the spools with the wire on the platform then put the wire into the machine and start the machine. It does not need any kind of wire degreasing, lubricating of machine or any other actions.

Low costs of spare parts
The spare parts on our machines are cheap and they are rarely changed. In case you need to replace some parts, our company canprovide them at any time.
The blades should be sharpened once on 400-800 produced tons of fibers and should be changed on ca. 20.000 produced tons.

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