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FENN Celebrates 115 years of Metal Forming Excellence

Fenn's New Torin FZ Series Spring Coiler

Fenn Manufacturing celebrates 115 years in the metal forming industry

FENN is a global supplier of innovative, state of the art metal forming machinery with 2015 marking 115 years of experience in the industry. With new owners and innovative research and development initiatives, FENN is the talk of every industry tradeshow. This 115-year-old company has refreshed its business from the bottom up, with forward looking plans for the new year.
FENN’s Long and Illustrious History
In 1900, Wilson Fenn founded FENN Technologies, a small machine shop in Connecticut, USA. In addition to metal forming machinery, FENN also produced flight critical assemblies for aircraft. In 2003, FENN acquired BHS-Torin of Connecticut, which itself is a company 4 years older than FENN. Also a supplier of rolling mills, wire flattening & shaping equipment, and the well-known Torin® brand of spring coilers, FENN was able to add additional experienced staff and product offerings to FENN. In July of 2014, FENN was sold by SPX to Quality Products Inc. (QPI). Today, FENN is still headquartered in Connecticut, USA with agents available across the globe to provide world class sales and service to support their customer’s projects and goals.
A President with Decades of Industry Knowledge
Paul Uccello has been dedicated to Fenn and its parent companies for a total of 8 years. Paul has 28 years of experience in aerospace and manufacturing companies prior to working with Fenn. Paul received his bachelor’s degree from Eastern Connecticut State University, moving on to receive an MS and MBA at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Paul also attended Harvard Business School’s program for Management Development. Paul’s education, combined with his knowledgeable experience in Lean manufacturing, Aerospace, Operations Management and most importantly metal forming machinery have helped to continuously improve Fenn’s processes to better serve their client base.
Product lines
FENN provides a complete line of metal forming equipment, working with each customer to create a customized machine suited to their specific application. Examples of these equipment include Rolling Mills for hot or cold rolling of ferrous and nonferrous strip or wire, and Wire Flattening & Shaping Lines to form natural flat or shaped wire. Examples of applications for wire shaping machines include well screen wire as well as photovoltaic wire for solar applications.
FENN also produces Turks Heads for forming a variety of shapes directly from round wire at high production speeds, Torin® Spring Coilers to produce several types of springs on a single machine as well as Drawbenches for straight length die drawing and Swagers for reduction forming of tube, rod or wire.
FENN is unique in that it offers a wide range of spare parts with prompt service on stock or replacement parts. Fenn also offers the option of upgrades and remanufactures for mechanical and/or electronic rework of older machines. These options allow the customer who may not be able to purchase a new machine increase the safety and efficiency of their aged machine while minimizing maintenance time and costs.
Major Clients
FENN has had the pleasure of serving several companies within the India market including:
• Bilfinger Water Technolgies of Ghandhinagar, India
• Indian Institute of Technology of Hyderabad, India
• AMPRI of Bhopal, India
• Apollo of Ghandhinagar, India
• Indo Schottle of Pune, India
FENN is currently serving a variety of in demand industries including wedgewire for wellscreens in water wells, PV line for the solar industry, and thin fine wire for the medical industry.
Production Facilities
With QPI’s backing and support, FENN recently upgraded to its new facility in East Berlin, Connecticut. FENN’s new state of the art manufacturing facility has a conveniently located die shop in house utilizing craftsmen with years of experience in high quality spare parts. FENN’s well-appointed office area has enabled them to better serve their clients. The new facility has an additional second floor with generous space available as the company continues its plans for growth.
In September of 2015, Over 100 customers, vendors, local government officials and industry friends gathered at their new facility to celebrate the move and their 115 year history. The event started with a ribbon cutting ceremony in the morning led by QPI’s Chief Executive Officer David Somers, along with with Fenn’s full staff and government dignitaries in attendance. In the afternoon FENN hosted guests with shop tours, educational sessions about each of their product lines, including Wire Flattening and Shaping lines, Rolling Mills, Spring Coilers, Swagers, Drawbenches and Turks Heads. Each product line was represented with an actual working machine for demonstration. Fenn also provided educational outlines about spare parts, upgrade & remanufacture, and service & training capabilities. “We hosted catered hors-d’oeuvres, an open bar and a beautiful dinner for all of our guests.” said Paul Uccello, President at FENN. “It was a successful event, and provided Fenn with the opportunity to show both its local and industry communities what our operation is all about. We are very proud that we have remained competitive in providing metal forming solutions for the last 115 years, and look forward to the next 115!”
Growth Plans for the 2016 year
Due to significant investment from QPI, Fenn is able to focus on long term growth and investment in research and development. With Fenn’s commitment to growth they have hired ten new employees this year alone, adding support to all departments including Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Finance.
Research and Development Undertaken
The first major research and development project FENN has undertaken in 2015 was a redesign of its Torin FZ series spring coiler (shown at left). The Generation 2 machine offers customers speed, versatility, and reliability with added features for increased efficiency.
In order to manage all of its research and development projects, Fenn has designed a strategic road map. The sales, product development, and engineering teams will work closely together to manage the designated research and development projects and ensure milestones are met. These projects will include additional enhancements to the Spring Coiler, Swagers, Rolling Mills and Wire Shaping Lines.
Overview of the Global Wire and Cable Market 2016
With a new location, additional staff, and increased product offerings, Fenn is optimistic about what 2016 has to offer, “Based on the higher volume of inquiries in a variety of markets including medical, precious metal, solar and wellscreen, we feel 2016 will be a very busy year for the wire and cable market” Fenn Sales Engineer Thomas Mushroe shared. With their upgraded facility, new ownership and exciting road map for upcoming years, Fenn is very optimistic about 2016. If you’d like to learn more about Fenn and the applications they serve, visit them at


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