T. Butler Engineering Ltd.

Company News

TBE is delighted to announce our recognition at the recent (Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce) Glanbia Kilkenny Business Awards 2015; where we received the awards of Exporter of the Year and Overall Business of the Year.

The receipt of these awards is a very fitting accolade for all staff members at TBE; during the year in which we announced the sale of our 200th Machine and serves as a great recognition of our efforts across research, development and innovation activities in recent years.

We extend our thanks to Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce, Glanbia, Taxback and all of those in the Kilkenny business community involved in the organisation of the awards.

TBE is delighted to announce that our latest Machine Development – The TBE Multibend ‘Three Head Series’ will be on display and officially launched at Wire Düsseldorf 2016 – at the TBE Booth – 16D20.

TBE is delighted to announce the launch of our latest Machine Development – The TBE Rapidform Series. This development is being officially launched during Q1, 2015 – with the delivery of Rapidform Series Machines already completed. The following outlines some of the key features of this new Machine Series.

Building upon our existing Machine technology base, the TBE Rapidform Series represents the latest development in TBE technology; that facilitates the accurate and exceptionally rapid manufacture (Up to 120 Parts Per Minute) of ultra high volume component products; particularly in the 1MM – 6.5MM wire diameter range.
Key Features of this new development include:

New Virtual Cam Based Software – TBE SystemsSignificantly Reduced Machine Operator Skill RequirementNo Mechanical CamsThe Machine is suitable for both Wire and Flat Metal Products

Incorporating all of the benefits of standard TBE Technology; (including the global availability of all components within TBE Machines) – the TBE Rapidform Series offers the potential to (cost) effectively meet the challenges presented by ultra high production volumes. Speed, Accuracy, Reliability and Repeatability are all key attributes of the TBE Rapidform Series.


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