Cimteq Ltd.

Cimteq Develops Further

Cimteq the leading cable design software company hit the ground running at the start of 2015 and what a start to the year it has been. With developments inside the company itself and also growth within the industry the environment has never been more exciting.

Cimteq have spent time enhancing the user interface of their core product offering, CableBuilder - a complete Cable Design System, to assist the end user in being more productive. They have incorporated a new innovative method to allow design engineers to develop design rules and test them in a totally safe environment. Once the engineer is happy with the rules he has created they can then be automatically applied to the main system. This innovative development further frees Cimteqs customers from any design and rule limitations they experience allowing them to create a bespoke system built specifically to their individual requirements, in turn allowing them to gain maximum benefits from CableBuilder for their business.

Cimteq are committed to ensuring that their customers achieve maximum possible value out of their investment in the shortest possible time. They have implemented this methodology throughout their business ensuring that value for the customer sits at the centre of all of their deliverables.

Cimteqs products ultimately enable their customers to become lean; ensuring value is delivered consistently through their products to the customer without interruption or waste. Cimteq as a company are keen to practice what they preach and apply the Lean techniques to their organisational activities, saving valuable time which can they be dedicated to adding greater value to their customers.

CableBuilder is not the only product that Cimteq have developed. Cimteq have created their very own Cable Manufacturing Execution System based upon the principals of Cable Wonderware MES platform. The system is invaluable when it comes to cable manufacturing software.

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