Cimteq Ltd.

CableBuilder3D – Visualising the Future of Cable Design

At IWCS Atlanta earlier this month leading cable design and manufacturing software company Cimteq, showcased their latest innovation: CableBuilder3D. Ali Shehab, CEO, delivered a presentation during the new products section of the show demonstrating the capabilities and advantages that CableBuilder3D offers.

The latest offering from the company further secures the reputation of its flagship product, CableBuilder, as the best cable design system in the world. CableBuilder3D fully integrates into CableBuilder and has extensive 3D modelling graphics abilities, engineering drawing generation and full CAD capabilities.

The system can take designs generated in CableBuilder and automatically transform them into 3D near-photorealistic drawings negating the need to hire in a photographer, draftsman or subcontract out to an external graphics agency. The high quality models that it produces are quick to generate and also can be easily adapted to ensure they are kept up to date.

The benefits of CableBuilder3D are far reaching spanning across multiple departments within a company. Design departments utilise the software to visualise and convey complex designs, whilst the high quality graphics produced are extremely valuable to marketing for use on websites and literature including datasheets and catalogues. The images can also be integrated into a quotation report in order to provide visualisation of the product and add that professional edge.

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