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2015: An Excellent Year for Cable Design & Manufacturing Software Company Cimteq

2015 has been an excellent year for cable software design and manufacturing company Cimteq and the final month proved no different. Following the launch of their latest offering CableBuilder3D at IWCS in Atlanta the first install began in December for James Monroe Wire and Cable Corporation, an electrical wire and cable manufacturer based in Boston, USA. The company was looking to replace their existing system with an “industry standard” to enable them to move forwards, become more efficient and profitable as a result. They met with Cimteq at IWCS and upon discovering the features CableBuilder had to offer they were quick to adopt the system; CableBuilder3D was a natural addition as it fully integrates into CableBuilder and has extensive 3D modelling graphics abilities, engineering drawing generation and full CAD capabilities.

“Here at Cimteq, we know that our customers enjoy the flexibility that CableBuilder brings to them as designing cables is a specialist task for which a “one size fits all” approach does not work. Coupled with the level of support received from Cimteq during the implementation and BAU phases of the project, it was clear that Cimteq is the leading choice of provider when it comes to selecting this specialist software.” Stated Ali Shehab, CEO of Cimteq.

Massachusetts certainly seemed to be the theme of the month for Cimteq during December as another company located there also adopted CableBuilder to replace their current existing system. Data Guide Cable are a quality manufacturer of specialty electronic and electrical cable products and seized the opportunity to modernise their systems by adopting what is classed as the best cable design system in the world; CableBuilder. The integration of CableBuilder into the business will bring far reaching benefits to the company. This revolutionary product can be fully integrated into a current AXIOM system and allows the company to design a cable that accurately meets their customers’ needs in the shortest possible timescale and in the most cost effective manner. The system can account for and optimise production losses, as well as combine data and customer requirements. Ultimately the end result is extremely satisfied customers due to increasing the profitability of their manufacturing process.

In addition to the above, a third acquisition came in the form of TE Wire and Cable, a premier thermocouple and specialty wire and cable manufacturer. The company is part of the Marmon Wire & Cable/Berkshire Hathaway Group of companies, among which one of Cimteq’s clients, Dekoron, is also a member having enjoyed the benefits of the CableBuilder software for over ten years. Simon Gainey of Cimteq commented “We are extremely enthusiastic to be working with TE Wire and Cable and to witness the way in which our software is going to revolutionise the productivity of the company. Having seen how Dekoron have benefitted is a great example of the way in which CableBuilder can truly transform the cable design and manufacturing process”.

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