Visit ENKOTEC at Booth 15C22

ENKOTEC dedicated staff

ENKOTEC A/S continues to make headlines with its high-performance machinery for nail production. At this year’s Wire Düsseldorf show, ENKOTEC will display most of its product programme, featuring great news as usual.

ENKOserv for best performance: ENKOTEC will have a reserved area in its booth, where staff will show customers how ENKOTEC can offer help with improving production efficiency on existing machines.

ENKOline, 2,500 npm, wire: ENKOTEC A/S and BAUSSMANN Collated Fasteners GmbH will jointly exhibit a high-speed in-line nail manufacturing line including an ENKOllator wire coil collator, an ENKOnail+ machine and an ENKOroll thread-rolling machine.

ENKOline, 1,500 npm, plastic: A second machine line jointly exhibited by ENKOTEC and BAUSSMANN features a brand-new high-efficient plastic stick collator paired with a high-speed ENKOnail+ machine.

ENKOllator paper stick: ENKOTEC will also show its new paper stick collator, which has been designed for making collated sticks of nails with many new features for reliable and cost-efficient production.

ENKOfeed & ENKOveyor: The three machine set-ups will all include the brand-new high-speed ENKOfeed nail feeder, which comes in a clockwise or counter-clockwise version, as well as the new magnetic ENKOveyor for the transportation of nails, available in different sizes and with different size hoppers.

ENKOnail with ENKOpack: Finally, ENKOTEC will demonstrate an ENKOnail machine, intended for small and midsize capacity needs, which will be running together with ENKOTEC’s movable ENKOpack nail-counter packaging machine.

Managing Director, Bent Just Petersen: “We hope that many of you will visit the Wire 2016 show in Düsseldorf, where ENKOTEC will be pleased to welcome you at our biggest booth ever. Apart from high-efficient nail machinery on display, you will be introduced to many new ENKOTEC service products, as we wish to improve our service and customer support even further in 2016”.

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