Durit Hartmetall GmbH

Wire forming with tungsten carbide components:

Less wear, more efficiency.

DURIT Hartmetall has been developing and producing precision tools and construction components for various industries for more than 30 years. The entire field of wire forming has a long tradition at DURIT and still plays a central role. The reason for that is obvious: From the beginning to the end of the forming process, tungsten carbide minimizes wear and is thus well-suited to make the whole production chain more effective. In this context, the high-tech standards of the experts at DURIT ensure that increased demands in this segment are not only fulfilled but often exceeded.

Wear-protected through all processes.

Starting with straightening rolls for wire straightening to guide rollers and return pulleys for orienting wire through to cutting blades and shear bushes for cutting the wire to length, there are plenty of applications for highly effective and wear-minimizing components made of tungsten carbide. Even in the forming process itself, there is often a high potential for optimization: . Punches, dies or divers made of tungsten carbide are substantially more long-lasting, they increase machine endurance and implement a more economic production in the long term. Also in connection with ejectors or grippers for the attended and final handling, tungsten carbide proves to be unbeatable compared to other materials.

Special requirements demand individual coatings.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency and optimal customer solutions in each case, DURIT has developed far more than 50 different sorts of tungsten carbide in its internal research department as well as in cooperation with universities. Additionally, the tungsten carbide experts offer flame-spray or PVD coatings which can be individually tailored to the respective requirement. That means: special tools for wire forming can be individually developed and produced with regard to an aimed improvement of machine endurance.

Optimizing production and creating added values with DURIT.

This internationally operating family company employs more than 500 employees today. Its headquarters are located in Germany, Portugal and Brazil. Over the years, the DURIT-Group has grown an efficient network of internationally operating companies. They are all united by the core business of wear protection and metal processing. The advantages of this cooperation result from the bundling of special knowledge which directly affects the durability of tools and machine components.

Market presence through customer proximity.

Tungsten carbide also creates competitive edges in the field of wire forming which enable DURIT customers to assert themselves on the competitive global market. Due to this success, the company will be exhibiting at the Wire&Tube 2016 in Duesseldorf. Under the motto “Winner against wear“, DURIT invites all interested parties to experience this fascinating material live and to acquaint themselves with its advantages in detail. See more:

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