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The new 25CNC-EMR R/L tube bending machine from Lang Tube Tec

Lang Tube Tec 25CNC-EMR R/L

Maximum flexibility in fully automatic tube processing: Lang Tube Tec, the quality manufacturer based in Witten, Germany, offers a new fully electric tube bending machine with automatic change of bending direction with the new CNC-controlled 25CNC-EMR R/L. Thanks to the swivelling bending head and shifting of the clamping unit and pressure die support, this innovative machine from Lang Tube Tec achieves the shortest cycle times and makes time savings of up to 20% compared with conventional processing methods in which the bending head is fully rotated.

“Thanks to the innovative machine design with its highly dynamic drives and the use of a completely new control system with Bend Motion Control, we have successfully optimised the bending cycles. As a result, the 25CNC-EMR R/L is not only one of the most flexible tube bending machines, but also one of the fastest in its class,” explains Sabine Neff, Sales Director at Lang Tube Tec. Sectors such as the automotive or aerospace industries, which demand high output cycle times and maximum processing precision, stand to benefit from the new innovation from Lang Tube Tec. The same applies to companies in the heating and air-conditioning sector.

The 25CNC-EMR R/L is designed as a multi-strack and multi-radius machine that allows various radii to be bent in one setting, either in a rotary draw-bending or free-form bending process. With axial precision of ± 0.05 mm (transportation, clamping, pressure die support) and 0.05 degrees (bending, rotation, swivelling), even the most complex bent components can be realised.

The trend-setting machine concept is based on a high machine rigidity, which is designed for maximum tube dimensions of 30 x 1.5 mm, as well as on maximum operating comfort. This is achieved with an implemented loading and unloading function. The swivel-mounted collet rotation unit can remove the tube to be bent from a tube magazine and the swivelling bending head can place the finished component on the ground or on a conveyor belt.

Since the 25CNC-EMR R/L is completely encased and even comes with an integrated switch cabinet, the new tube bending machine occupies very little space in production environments. Its design as a fully electric machine without hydraulic components ensures a lower error rate and minimum maintenance expenditure, while the digital drive mechanism increases the effectiveness of remote maintenance and boosts productivity. Furthermore, the new tube bending machine from Lang Tube Tec features an energy recovery system. When braking the processing axes, the freed-up energy is fed back into the system.

The new control system is partly responsible for turbo-processing, among other things, and indeed for the positioning of tube clamping and pressure die support with the help of an automatic set-up cycle. The automatically generated, optimal values are taken over directly in the bending programme. Whenever the operator activates the bending programme, values are automatically verified and, if necessary, fully automatically corrected before advancing to the production process. This means that retooling times are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Maximum safety is guaranteed because as soon as a saved programme containing all bending and setting parameters is activated, a simulation cycle is performed first at 10% reduced speed. This test run eliminates accidental collisions that may be caused by the mounting of an incorrect tool.

In addition to the increased production capacity through the perfect coordination and simultaneous movement of the axes, the new 25CNC-EMR R/L from Lang Tube Tec also offers further optimisation. The software module saves time by anticipating movements and moving the machine into position for the next bending step. Pre-calculated positions can be assumed using dynamic limit switches, which also helps to prevent collisions.

The new control system release also contains a wide range of maintenance and diagnosis functions. These can help to avoid downtimes using various help functions. Thanks to its intuitive control panel, the CNC-E series from Lang Tube Tec can even be controlled by operators without prior experience of CNC controlled machines.

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