SKAKO Semi –Automatic Packaging machine

New SKAKO Semi –Automatic Packaging machine

SKAKO Vibration introduces a new compact weighing and packing system, that can fill different kinds of carton boxes and plastic or steel returnable boxes ( KLT’s).
The system is especially suited for short and medium size production badges, as it is easy to operate and reprogram. The SKAKO packing machine has a compact, single floor, design. This allows it to be placed in a limited floor space without need for extra ceiling height. The machine also has an open construction, which makes the process both accessible and easily monitored. This is important for the fastener and automotive industry, which usually operates with many different items, thus has the need to be able to switch from one to another, without the risk of getting them mixed.
SKAKO has been manufacturing light to medium duty vibratory feeders and screens since 1963. The hardware industry is a significant and growing part of SKAKO’s business - especially feeding, weighing and dosing equipment for heat treatment lines.
Therefore, it was a natural step to develop a semi-automatic system for the packing industry, where SKAKO components and know-how could be used.
The system consists of a vibrating storage feeder, a vibrating feeder, a chute system with accumulation possibility, a table with integrated load cells and an integrated sample/check weighing platform. It can be configured in different sizes and supplied with a lift and tip unit. The lift tipper is configured according to the customer’s specific container/containers.
SKAKO is very proud to present this new system to the market. However, it is not the intention to focus on the development of other packing machines. SKAKO is mainly a producer of vibration equipment and a component supplier with OEM and End User customers. Within the OEM customers there are producers of packaging equipment with whom SKAKO value its good cooperation and long term business relationships.

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