HUS Ltd. Steel Manufacturing and Trade


HUS Ltd. has completed its latest project – a brand new mill for low carbon black and galvanized wire. The production plant spreads out on more than 25 000 m2, with 7 000 m2 covered area for industrial production, heavy-lift cranes, administrative building and other assets. The mill is equipped with five modern drawing lines as well as a fully automatic galvanizing line capable of coating 28 separate wires at once. Each coil is stretched in foil and stored in a robotized storage racking system preventing the products from external weather impacts. Production range is from Ø1.2 mm to Ø8 mm. The outcome production capacity is more than 2 000 metric tons per month. The factory is located in the city of Shumen which is only 90 km. away from the biggest Bulgarian Black Sea port – Varna and approximately 100km. away from Ruse which is the biggest Bulgarian Danube port ensuring for a substantial advantage from logistics point of view.

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