BUTTING among the most innovative German SMEs

“WirtschaftsWoche” – one of the leading business magazines in Germany – presented the Top 50 most innovative German small and medium-sized companies in its current October issue. And we’re in it: BUTTING is ranked number 49 among more than 3,000 companies taking part.

The business consultants of the Munich Strategy Group (MSG) analysed available data sources from an initial 3,300 German companies for the magazine. German companies with an annual turnover of between EUR 10 million and EUR 1 billion were included. Economic indicators such as turnover and earnings growth were taken into account, along with the opinions of industry experts and customers. In addition, particular emphasis was placed on whether companies distinguish themselves by constant innovations, are seen as innovators by their competitors, and whether a culture that supports ideas has been established1.

Based on these data sources and in the opinion of the analysts, BUTTING is one of the 50 most innovative companies in Germany. Hermann Butting explains proudly: “Our self-conception expresses the view that our innovative strength is based on longstanding experience and teamwork, as well as new ideas and unique personalities. That’s my firm belief and that’s why this award is for our employees.”

In the Board of Management’s opinion, top performances can only be achieved if everyone works together bravely, openly and honestly to achieve improvements, and develops and implements new ideas. That is why BUTTING listens to suggestions and proposals from staff, and discusses them. Hermann Butting says, “Over the years, we have succeeded in building up comprehensive expertise including in the areas of materials and welding technology, production technology, milling and quality assurance.”

Through being open to new ideas, the family business has created a corporate culture that demands, supports and permits improvements. This also includes the fact that any BUTTING employee can submit suggestions for improvement within the framework of the company suggestions system, which are evaluated, implemented and possibly rewarded with a bonus. Hermann Butting says, “When you are brave, top performances and progress by tradition can be successful. That’s the basis on which we continue to invest for a successful future.”

1 Source: WirtschaftsWoche, issue 42 of 9 October 2015

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