Proton Products Europe N.V.

inteliTHERM non contact Wire Thermometer

PH450-25-400 Preheater with inteliTHERM non-contact Wire temperature gauge

Available as an option for all PROTON Wire induction Preheaters, and avalable as a retro-fit to other preheaters, the inteliTHERM Spectral Radiation Wire temperature measuring system can be integrated into any Proton Wire Induction preheaters for wires from 0.1mm² up to 50mm². The sensor looks at the spectral radiation of the wire following the heating loop and processes Wire temperature accurate and reliable. The option might be of interest for low speed applicatios (to compensate for wire temperature loss) or for all these applications like extrusion of chemical or physical foamed conductors or other thin wall extrusions where conductor temperature is paramount. The inteliTHERM is non-contact, wear-free and maintenance free.

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