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Under stress, in rotation, at high speed – blast technology for wire, rod and springs at WIRE 2016

The popular FL blast machine for wire and rod is part of Wheelabrator’s line-up for WIRE 2016

Blast technology expert Wheelabrator will present latest machine concepts and developments for the wheelblasting of wire, rod and springs at WIRE 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany (hall 09, booth B34).

The line-up includes the tried and tested FL machine series for the mechanical descaling of wire and rod, ranging from stand-alone machines to fully integrated high-performance equipment for high-speed drawing lines.

At WIRE, the Wheelabrator team will also be at hand to discuss specialist shot peening equipment for leaf and coil springs, particularly for automotive applications.

Blast machines from Wheelabrator can be automated variably, have a flexible design and integrate seamlessly into sophisticated production processes – be it as a self-contained, autonomous solution or as a fully integrated through-feed machine.

FL: efficient descaling of wire and rod

Wheelabrator’s FL range is very popular, with over 200 FL machines in operation across wire and rod production worldwide. Over the last decades, FL machines have almost completely replaced chemical descaling methods in wire and rod production.

Common feature of all FL machines is the focussing of the abrasive via guide plates, which can be adapted to suit different workpiece diameters. With Wheelabrator’s latest model, FL-4-37/55, the guide plates are adjusted automatically, resulting in a more efficient operation of the drawing line.

New concepts for demanding applications

Special machines for shot peening of springs play a key role in the manufacturing process of, for example, coil springs in automotive, where shot peening allows the reduction of weight while improving the fatigue strength of a part.

Peripheral equipment around these special machines can be adapted to suit individual production requirements, including various methods for loading and unloading (via robot, manipulator or other handling equipment). This ensures process security, reliability and efficiency of production.

Another new machine concept is the rotary through-feed shot peening machine (RDS), in which coil springs are peened from all sides, under constant rotation, while swiftly and steadily passing through the machine.

Stress peening (SRS) machines shot-peen chassis springs while a load is applied. The spring preload follows the direction of load of the part when in operation, replicating tensile stresses occurring in the part under operating conditions.

For more information about mechanical descaling and/or shot peening of springs, please visit the Wheelabrator website:

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