80 years in 2016 for FIB Belgium S.A.


Since 1936, FIB BELGIUM designs complete solutions for thermal and surface treatment of steel wires, rods and narrow strips. FIB Belgium Company extended its competences in heat treatment lines to Batch galvanizing as weel

  • Wire & Packaging strip heat treatment lines – Batch annealing

Annealing or Patenting furnaces for steel wires, rods and narrow strips,

Phosphating, Galvanizing & ZnAl coating lines, for steel wires, rods and narrow strips, including the automatic control system of zinc coating;

Oil tempering lines for spring wire;

Muffle tube annealers for stainless steel wire;

Batch annealing solutions for steel wires, with bell and pit furnaces with possibility to use nitrogen or hydrogen in a batch range of 2 to 75 tons.

  • Batch Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant & Equipment is our new business segment in which FIB Belgium offers complete general galvanizing turnkey customized solutions focusing on zinc consumption reduction and optimized logistics.

FIB will present a technology to improve the corrosion resistance of galvanized coatings and the being able to colorized galvanized/galfanized products. Off-line galfanizing technology and new technologies in galvanizing will be also presented.

FIB BELGIUM s.a. - Ahead Together !

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