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LTC Middle East Slitting Line 500m/min: the new “mastodon” by SACMA

LTC Middle East Slitting Line

A Slitting lines 1650 to process material from 0,18 mm to 2mm width and a 8 deposits binding line are our latest creations and they will be delivered to our client LTC Middle East and installed within the end of summer in Dubai.

Our client asked for a plant that could process up to 500mt/minutes of silicon steel, with a high level of computerization and connected to its management system, especially to its production programs.

Client needs to keep every produced subcoil tracked, to always have stocks under control, verify the quality and traceability of the material and to know what lot the delivered/stored material comes from.

The Slitting line we made boasts a large utilization of electronic components, especially sensors. The whole sensor part allows to check the productive process in every phase and to reach tolerance levels that overtake international rules standards.
Foundations have been redesigned as well: hydraulic and electric systems are on the machinery backside, in order to be easily reached for maintenance and fixing operations and to not disturb the personnel working on it.

The main innovations of the Slitting Line

This Slitting line is a technology jewel, as it presents many innovations in terms of design, components and remote management.
First of all, our technical dept. has interely designed a computerized system to position the separator discs on winders and reel, at its first appearance ever on this machine. From the very beginning, the same department has conceived and designed gears and adaptors, improving them so that a sensible noise reduction has been allowed.

Slitting Line wrapping reel

Further news and introductions on this Slitting line are: a mobile reel, that directly
takes the coil out of the deposit carousel, in order to eliminate foundations, as well as a magnetic coil-opener.

For what concerns the remote management, the command pulpit can easily manage the automatic block of cutting tools, without using grease gears and setting the pressure on every shaft, one separately from the others.
Lubrication of every single part is one more process that pulpit can easily manage: process is centralized and lubrication times/needs are pointed out on the pulpit display.

Binding line: a perfect combination with the Slitting Line

The cutting line will be placed side by side to one more SACMA similar line, already working at LTC plant, and both of them will end their process on a newly conceived 8 deposits binding line. The binding line then will necessarily manage the slitted-coils of both the lines.

That’s why the line programming is enormously important: should manage both the flows in order to avoid the minimal possibility of collision and, at the same time, via the utilization of two mechanic heads, to take the slitted coils and put them directly on the planned deposits. Every head has been conceived to work independently as well, exploiting up to all the 8 deposits, in order to avoid the maintenance stops.
Every operation described above must always be tracked.

The Binding line main characteristics are:

– mechanical pincers that can lift up to 3 tons and a tape of a maximum 2 metres diameter.
– specific proctection systems to avoid damages of delicate material surface and/or borders
– all the processed material gets labelled: every coil/tape has its own univocal identification code, so mistakes can be avoided.

Slitting Line touch screen siemens

Electronic functioning logic is entirely based on SIEMENS systems, conceived and designed paying a great attention to customer’s needs: the result is a highly flexible and programmable system, that manages specific recipes for every operation, prearranged with the customer himself.
The command pulpit has been significantly simplified: many buttons have been eliminated and, thanks to a SIEMENS touch screen that points out every kind of alarm and ok messages, issues identification is really easy.


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