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SACMA and SIEMENS: the collaboration keeps on growing

Sacma Siemens

Two years ago SACMA and SIEMENS signed a deal, very interesting and convenient for both parties.

Since then, we’ve been counting on the leader Company Siemen’s electric and electronic components for our machinery. What’s more important, we can develop innovative solutions with them, for SIEMENS has put its technical studies at our R&D department disposal.

One further advantage coming from the deal is that we have succeeded in entering a firm whose only supplier was our strongest, maybe the only very competitor in this sector.

Lately, Siemens Weiz has ordered us a silicon steel slitting line. This allows us to have one more important reference among our clients and, as a consequence, to become the Italian benchmark for that industry sector.

Looking at the deal from SIEMENS’ point of view, it means having one more supplier and the guarantee of counting on the highest levels of quality. Moreover, since our plant has been installed, SIEMENS has a machine that can bring its quality controls to a higher level: our slitting line is at the start of its productive process and it has a leading role in the successful realization of SIEMENS’ products, as it can check the quality of both cut and material.

We are sure about the quality of our machine and we know it will fulfil our expectations and exceed SIEMENS’ ones: our goal is to become the only SIEMENS’ supplier in the next years.

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