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"Our customer workshops are a direct hit!"

Under this motto we´ re pleased to invite you again this year to our customer workshops on 17th/18th of October 2016. Get lots of useful knowledge about solid forming and gain a comprehensive overview of our range of services and actual market developments.

In the workshop called “construction, simulation, KIT” we will show you how to benefit from our modular system by making use of partial performances adapted to your individual needs. Our engineers are optimally trained in the use of the simulation software SIMUFACT – because a technology is only as good as the people who make use of it. Our experts look forward to show you how SIMUFACT can be used and how you can benefit from it. We also will give you an overview of our comprehensive range of services that hides behind the abbreviation KIT (standing for customer innovation team) and will show you how to implement it in your company.

PECM stands for Precise Electro-Chemical Machining of metals. In this lecture we will show you a great number of advantages that make this innovative technology so useful for your forming tools. Furthermore, find out what makes WTN to your competent partner relating to PECM.

In the workshop „glassed-in facility” we wouldl like to make our production processes more comprehensible to you, so that you can experience several production methods live. Please take with us a view behind the scenes and learn more about our order management, the high in-house manufacturing depth as well as the quality assurance in our firm.

You will also be pleased to take part in a diversified framework programme and to have sufficient time for detailed conversations with the WTN-experts.

You also won´t pass so much useful knowledge? So please do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to inform you about the further dates of our workshops as well as the particular agenda.

We look forward to see you!

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