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PECM – Precise Electro-Chemical Machining of metals

Tools which were produced via PECM

The precise electro-chemical machinig (PECM) is a cold, contactless erosion method with vibrating electrode and regulated working gap, which enables to remove the workpiece in a targeted and controlled manner. By PECM high-precision parts can be produced, that require highest accuracy and efficiency.

A pulsed direct current is operated between the electrode and the workpiece, which flows over the electrolyte to the workpiece. Thereby the workpiece dissolves anodically in accordance with the geometry of the following electrode. The removed metal components are washed away by the flowing electrolyte.

So this technology allows the precise forming of nearly all metallic materials irrespective of their hardness.

As it is a cold and contactless procedure without heat input, this technology offers several advantages compared to conventional methods for metalworking:

- No process-related wastage of electrodes:

You can achieve almost a numerous number of equal parts with just one uniquely manufactured electrode. That´s why this procedure is particularly suited for small- / large-series production and the manufacturing of prototypes. So mouldings in short-term are also no problem as the electrode can be used immediately and needs not to be manufactured first.

- Roughing, smoothing and polishing is possible in only one single step

This means that no different electrodes get necessary during the working process and that the electrode has not to be changed.

- Roughness up to Ra 0,05 µm is possible

That implies that you need no reworking on the workpiece.

- No white layers

So the workpiece exhibits longer endurance.

- No temperature increase of the material structure

As for process-related reasons there occur no thermical or mechanical burdens, you have also no changes in the microstructure or microcracks. Furthermore you have no deformation of the workpiece.

Therefore the PECM procedure offers the safety that your tools have identical contours and surface quality across all batch sizes and it guarantees that quality fluctuations due to different tools can nearly be excluded. That´s why this production method is especially suited for the manufacturing of forming tools.

As full-service supplier we consider the PECM-technology already at the designing of your tools. Because of our high in-house manufacturing depth all necessary blanks, devices and especially the electrodes can be produced by our own toolmaking sector. Furthermore the various possibilities of our quality assurance enable to test your tools by an optimal measuring method.

Benefit from the many advantages of this technology and of our know-how! Our experts will answer your questions at any time and are pleased to give you detailed information.

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