BLM S.p.A.

Tube & Wire 2016: BLM GROUP makes the difference

At the “Tube & Wire” 2016 the BLM GROUP will showcase new products for tube and wire fabrication that ‘makes the difference’ when compared to traditional production processes.

The latest version of the well regarded Lasertube family featuring fiber laser tilt head cutting of tubes up to dia. 240 mm (10”) and 40 kg/m (27 lb/ ft) with a fiber laser thanks to the new ‘Tube Cutter’ head designed by BLM GROUP.

3-RUNNER, E-SHAPE – two new models of tube benders 3-RUNNER and E-SHAPE make their debut in a manufacturing cell along with the proven SMART bender. The cell will demonstrate mandrel bending and end forming of copper tubes used in the heating field.

LT-FREE – BLM’s powerful 5-axis laser system, the LT-FREE, will be demonstrating its ability to fiber laser cut and trim automotive exhaust components after they have been bent and end formed. This integration of robotic handling and fiber laser technology offers new flexibility to process bent tubes, stamped components or welded assemblies.

E-FLEX – BLM’s new single head wire bender, E-FLEX,, will be on display in the ‘Wire’ hall. Its ‘twin turret’ head provides fast and effective bending of complex three dimensional wire parts. The combination of E-FLEX and DH2010, double headed wire bender gives mafuacturers the productivity and flexbility to compete.

In the world of tube and wire manufacturing BLM GROUP’s technology ‘makes the difference’ compared to traditional production processes.

Exhibitor Data Sheet