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How to improve margins incresing quality

“EDDYEyes is the New ISEND Non Destructive Technology; a Special Opportunity for Metallurgy* Process /Production Improvements “

Present Low Sales Market tendencies connected with Low Investment capacities brings in the same time real demanding needs for:

1- High Innovation Opportunities

2- High Margin Improvement Opportunities

3- Compulsory Process/Product Consistency Opportunities

ISEND Non Destructive Technology State of the Art could definitely help you to achieve these goals through light valuable investments, attending to the 5th of April Dusseldorf 3 parts EDDYEyes Technology presentation from ISEND with Bruno Chedal Anglay’s cooperation**

1- Review of Isend Non Destructive Technology General Capabilities from Cold to Hot Products (Isend)

2- Isend Wire Rod and Bars New EDDYEyes Product ó HOTdiscover + Vision fully integrated system main description (BCA)

3- Isend Wire Rod and Bars New EDDYEyes Product: Potential Capabilities and Achievements about Process-Product-Margin Consequences (BCA)

*Carbon Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper, ..

**Pechiney, Arcelor, GSC, GSW (CELSA) careers then Consulting

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